AFME Annual Capital Markets Technology and Innovation Conference

22/11/2019 | Banque de France

What policy framework to help building innovation and growth into Europe’s Capital Market?
Speech by Denis Beau, First Deputy Governor

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The past decades have clearly shown how innovation – in particular technological innovation – have brought new services, reduced barriers and contributed globally to progress and economic growth.
However, innovation does not necessarily implies growth for everyone, everywhere. Innovation can weaken some actors, create imbalances and its long-term benefits for society may be, in some cases, uncertain. In addition, I would say that speaking solely about growth is not enough today, in the context in particular of climate change and lowering social mobility. Growth should be sustainable, inclusive and compatible with a necessary level of resilience.
Here Central Bankers and Supervisors, in charge of financial stability, have a contribution to make. But what does that mean in the European context for the innovation and growth of our capital markets? My perspective on this rather complex issue is simple: we have to identify clearly the challenges raised by innovation and be ready to adapt our policy framework if we want that innovation goes with sustainable, inclusive and resilient growth of the European financial market. To support my point, I would like first to explain how we at the Banque de France and the ACPR approach this twofold issue (identify the challenges and adapt when necessary our policy framework) (1). I will then illustrate our approach by addressing the case of financial market infrastructures (2).

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