Brexit: EU27 adopt negotiating directives

01/06/2017 | Clifford Chance

The EU Council, meeting in EU27 format, has adopted a decision authorising the opening of Brexit negotiations with the UK and negotiating directives for the talks.

The negotiating directives are intended to guide the EU Commission for the first phase of the negotiations, in line with the aims established by the European Council. The negotiating directives prioritise some matters which, at this stage, have been identified as necessary to ensure an orderly withdrawal of the UK from the EU, including:


  • citizens' rights;
  • the financial settlement; and
  • the situation of Ireland.


The negotiating directives also cover certain other issues to be addressed in order to reduce uncertainty and avoid a legal vacuum, including arrangements for procedures based on EU law and goods already on the market.


The negotiating directives may be amended and supplemented during the negotiations and other matters not covered by this set of negotiating directives, such as services, will be part of subsequent sets of negotiating directives.