Rapport - La gouvernance des infrastructures de marchés financiers - par Ruben Lee

04/01/2010 | Oxford Finance

Sommaire (en anglais)

Volume I
1. Background Information and Analysis
2. Definitions
3. Market Power
Survey Evidence
4. The Allocation of Regulatory Powers over Securities Markets
5. Regulation and Governance of Market Infrastructure: A Global Perspective
6. Governance of Market Infrastructure Institutions: A Global Snapshot
Policy Analyses and Recommendations
7. What is the Most Efficient Governance Structure?
8. Who Should Regulate What?
9. How should Market Infrastructure Institution Governance be Regulated?

Volume II
. Ancillary Information and Analysis
Case Studies
1. Introduction
2. Canadian Depository for Securities
3. Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation
4. Deutsche Börse
5. Euroclear
6. Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing
7. LCH.Clearnet
8. London Stock Exchange
European and French regulation Entreprises & Financement de l'économie