Annual Conference 2015 - Investment Union: how to leverage our diversity?

22/12/2015 | EIFR

The single rule book triggers a new financing model for the European growth: a real challenge for corporate, investors and financial intermediaries. CMU intents to assemble this regulatory framework in coherence with economic reality and to launch a process for a newly balance between credit and capital markets in a competitive way for all concerned actors. Europe faces a great diversity of savings and financing models. In the same time, the new reality of capital markets implies building up a critical mass of actors and instruments (bonds, private placement, risk analysis…).

Our panel combining a spectrum of countries and business lines will discuss:

- Why and how a financing union (coherent but mix practices) could be a condition, in the context of a long term investment strategy, to leverage this European diversity.
- How a financing union combined with an investment union should avoid the risk of capital markets becoming a new line of fragmentation. 


Robert Ophèle - Banque de France
Eric Ducoulombier - European Commission
Didier VALET - Société Générale CIB
Thierry Deau - Meridiam
Stanislaw Kluza - Poland
Bruno Hallak - Deutsche Bank
Gérard Rameix - AMF
Hervé Labbé - Orange
Patrick Gounelle - EIFR